Translating visions into beautiful digital experiences. Digital Design Agency.

DEUX is the tango between art (Marius) and marketing science (Filip).

Since our first website in 2011, we’ve banged heads – at times tempted to never collaborate again. But at the heart of this perfectionist tension, a respect grew for each other’s contribution to high end website performance.

Marius Ciuchete Paun

Web Designer (+ Deux founder)

Vancouver based. Ambidextrous pixel pusher that learns from the tens of millions of website visitors viewing his designs.

Filip Matous

Digital Strategist

London based. Author of How To Get Your Website Noticed (2016, Macmillan).

His craft: traffic + website = profit.


Possible through Skype, Slack, and YVR to LHR . With developer relationships in Europe and Canada.

High end website creation is complex.

That’s why you hire us.

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