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Coffee Enterprise

There's more to this enterprise social platform than chatting over coffee: its major assets include increased workplace connectivity and access to important updates, forums where strategies can be freely discussed, as well as real time access to trainings. Social profiles complete the picture, allowing users to build a professional image, interact and receive recogition.

User Interface

App Flow & Wireframes

Keeping the customers in mind, we have developped a highly intuitive, user-friendly structure.

Design Proper

Starting with the log in screen, the design creates an environment at the same time professional and personal.

News Feed

The best place to keep track of company/employees updates, and to provide constructive feedback through likes and comments.


Are accessible and easier to take than ever before. What's more, training progress can be shared with friends and colleagues.

Study and Quiz

Increased visual comfort accounts for a optimised training experience.

Profile & Chat

Simplify enterprise communication while providing useful information about one's interlocutors.

iOS + Android

Adapted to iOS and Android, the app's design perfectly integrates with each system's features.

Working with Deux has changed the direction of our business. We have never worked with designers who so clearly understood mobile UI/UX and user engagement. Many designers we have worked with do a great job at creating new designs based on our requested specifications. Marius and Robert challenged us to better our product and think about our users in new ways. How can we provide more value, how can we create a better experience, were the questions at the core of every illustrator file we received. I would thoroughly endorse and recommend Deux to any organization looking to take a step ahead of the competition.

Brett Patrontasch


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