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A New Path
To Drive On

Beneficiary of $2.52 million in initial founding, Keychain Logistics provide an application designed to take the weight off businesses and independent truckers by directly connecting them to each other.

Identity Development

The Logo

The car key-initial stands for speed and resolve when it comes to saving the customer time and money.


Multiplying the logo into a truck tyre pattern alludes to the newly formed network of enterprises and carriers.

Business Cards

The first step to a chain of successful deliveries.


The discreet use of graphics reinforces their unadorned image, while maximizing functionality.

Promotional Materials

A fun, portable symbol of Keychain Logistics to accompany you on the road.

Deux's contribution to our company was a key ingredient to our success. Their powerful logo design and its thoughtful application helped us both secure funding from our investors and reach an overwhelming market penetration of one in every 500 trucks in the United States.

Garrett Wilson

cto at keychain logistics
san francisco, california

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