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Bound to Succeed

Achieving goals just got easier with Leap, an application that provides support groups, while letting users return the help through hi-fives and comments.

Identity Development


To better capture this rewarding experience we chose a stylized three-dimensional hi-five.

The Logo

Friendly and cartoony, it conveys the same feel-good, can-do attitude on which the app is based.

User Interface

Start Screen

An inviting gateway to the accomplishment of one's personal projects.

Log In

User-friendly log in allows the connection of social network accounts, enhancing support groups.

Task Screens

Make it easy to share progress, manage goals, receive and give support.

The team at Deux takes the time to understand the "why" behind your product to craft a user interface that makes an emotional connection with your users. They pay great attention to details and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

James Dickerson


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