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The world's only natural memory foam company, Essentia has been featured on Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, The Oprah Magazine and many others, for their uncompromising vision of improving life through quality sleep.

Web Design


Warm colours and images create a relaxed setting for the products as desirable lifestyle improvements. Media credentials & the online community add further support.

Athletic Lifestyle

One of 4 lifestyle-dedicated pages, it brings out the advantages of good sleep to athletic performance and provides active individuals with a choice of specialised items.


Offers a chance to interact with the products and discover the innovative features that keep Essentia ahead of their game. Further information such as customer reviews and the location of the nearest stores complete the shopping experience.

Article Subpage

Blog articles and links are accessible without leaving the parent page.

Responsive Design

Elegantly translates the site's shopping experience to mobile, enabling users to enjoy the same product and purchasing experience.

We're a niche brand that needed a broader appeal. We had to impress within seconds and Deux managed to exceed our expectations on this task. Bounce rates dropped, time on site increased and we're loving every minute of it!

Jack Dell'Accio

founder & ceo of essentia
montreal, canada

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